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10 July 2018

President Ramaphosa welcomes the resumption of diplomatic relations between Ethiopia and Eritrea

President Cyril Ramaphosa has welcomed the resumption of diplomatic relations between the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia and the Republic of Eritrea.

The announcement in this regard was made in Asmara on 08 July 2018 by the Ethiopian Prime Minister, HE Abiy Ahmed Ali, and Eritrean President, HE Isaias Afewerki, and was signalled by both leaders’ concurrence to open embassies in each other’s countries. The two leaders also encouraged their citizens to freely visit each other's towns and cities.

President Ramaphosa lauds this as a positive and tangible outcome of the recent admirable developments in the relations between the two Horn of Africa countries, including the commitment and implementation of the Algiers Agreement of 2000 and the Ethiopia-Eritrea Border Commission (EEBC) of 2002.

South Africa looks forward to a full normalisation of relations and the realisation of our shared aspirations for both countries to enjoy enduring peace and development.

South Africa supports Ethiopia and Eritrea on the path towards reconciliation and nation-building and stands ready to assist the two countries in this constructive and historic moment, which has the potential to yield greater prosperity and security not only for the citizens of Ethiopia and Eritrea, but also for the greater Horn of Africa region and the continent as a whole.

President Ramaphosa commends both leaders for their commitment to achieving lasting peace and stability and has assured both Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed Ali, President Isaias Afewerki and the Ethiopian and Eritrean people of South Africa’s continued support and solidarity.

Media enquiries: Khusela Diko, Spokesperson to the President, on 072 854 5707


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